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What can Qwik Kiwi help you achieve?

Are you training for your first triathlon? First marathon? Or half marathon? Want to turn your athletic goals into reality?

Qwik Kiwi can help you achieve your athletic goals through a personalised training programme preparing you for the event. Whilst we have worked with athletes who have won world Age Group World Championships and represented New Zealand at an elite level, we primarily focus on beginner athletes aiming to complete their first event or improving athletes who are striving to better their previous performances. 

We train: 

  • triathletes
  • duathletes
  • runners
  • cyclists
  • mountain bikers
  • adventure racers
Qwik Kiwi has also trained clients to a fitness level to complete a range of treks/tramps, including New Zealand's Nine Great Walks and as far afield as the Annapurna circuit in Nepal.

Online Squad

Have your training sessions personally prescribed for you each and every week by your personal coach. Sessions build towards your goals & events and are based around your other commitments to ensure you perform at your best level of performance. Perfect squad for athletes that want to achieve their best result regardless of what event that is.

With your training loaded up weekly onto your Training Peaks account (that we can also set up for you), we can help you prepare for an event of your choice based around your goals and lifestyle. If you train with a modern heart rate monitor, GPS watch or power meter the data from this can be uploaded into Training Peaks to assist your coach see how your training is progressing. This information then allows your coach to plan and prepare future training. With apps available for both iPhone and Android your Training peaks data goes everywhere with you.

Click here to send a message to arrange a complimentary initial consultation. Membership also entitles you to attend training camps at a reduced rate when they are conducted.

Race Squads

Race squads are training plans designed for a specific event. They are perfect for first timers dipping their toes into endurance sports. Strictly limited numbers and only available to join the squads prior to the programme commencing. Check back as new squads will be announced.

We are now accepting members for:

  • "Training for Triathlon in Timor Leste"

    John Humphries

    I have known Ray Boardman for many years, primarily as a Physical Training Instructor in the NZ Army, but more recently as my Coach for Ironman. After completing three Ironman events, I learnt the hard way that I needed a Coach and actively sort out Ray. My interest in Ray as my Coach came after my third Ironman, where he was actively looking after his clients, and on the same token saw me and identified I was struggling. I wasn't one of his clients simply an Army colleague, but whilst he kept a watchful eye on his clients, he also provided encouragement to me, which he didn't have to do. It was through this commitment he showed, that made me actively select him as the Coach I wanted. Ray is a committed Coach who provides a training program for the Clients goals, but manages the program around the clients work and family commitments and unfortunately the injuries that one may pick up along the way. As a Coach, Ray can not only talk the talk, he has walked the walk, and has many endurance events and multisports events under his belt that he has completed as an athlete. My ultimate goal is the three day endurance event of, Ultraman Oz, of which I am interested in one Coach only, Ray Boardman from Qwik Kiwi. I have no hesitation in recommending Ray to any client and thoroughly enjoyed working with Ray as my Coach, of which he provides valuable feedback (I am sure it wasn't easy for Ray to Coach someone for an Ironman with the limited resources available in Timor-Leste).

  • "Masters Games athlete (road cycling and MtBing)"

    Dr Sean Every

    I found Ray very knowledgable, organised and clearly able to communicate training schedules and goals. I felt the training he organised was comprehensive, starting with baseline recordings of heart rate during a 1 hour session on a windtrainer. The weekly training schedules were clear and comprehensive, with a predetermined weekly profile of training intensity building up to my events. My programme also involved gym sessions, where the principles of stretching and the safe use of weights was emphasised. We met on a regular basis to review completion [or otherwise] of training schedules, and modify training intensity or goals as appropriate. I would recommend Ray without hesitation.

  • "Junior Multisport Athlete"

    Tim Carpenter

    I found him to be an excellent coach. Ray was easy to work with and produced training programmes that suited my needs and requirements that were still flexible so that I could achieve my goals. He was an excellent source of knowledge about everything to do with equipment, physiology and anatomy and was always keen to answer any questions I had. His programmes also included nutritional guidelines to help with general living and how to perform best in a race. Ray's motivational skills were great and helped immensely in psyching up for races and preparing both mentally and physically with race plans. Ray helped my multisport career with excellent training principles that helped me achieve some good results including 1st Junior in the Clive 3 Rivers Race, Norswear Challenge, as well as being Otago Junior Duathlon Multisport Champion. Without Ray's help these results would've been harder to come by and he has helped set me up with good principles for continuing my training through the many years to come. His training also helped steer me towards the Coast to Coast in which I'm competing the two day race for the first time in 2003.

  • "NZ Senior Mens DH MtBing Champ 03/04"

    Sean MacMillan

    I found Ray's methods to be very enjoyable, progressive and most of all effective in assisting me to reach my goals. I was thoroughly impressed by his personality, enthusiasm towards my training and his flexibility in schedule to ensure my training would be as beneficial as possible and as such have no hesitation in recommending his training methods to anyone looking to further their enjoyment and/or results within their chosen sport.

  • "Challenge Wanaka for a working Mum"

    Lisa Rodgers

    I just want to say thanks. It wasn’t until I progressed through the race and experienced all the highs and lows that your advice really kicked in. Before the race, I didn’t know I could do it physically – and that was my worry. From the training programme though I was very well prepared. The biggest challenge though, that you don’t really appreciate until you are in the situation, is the mental one. Your coaching gave me down to earth, pragmatic advice; rain is after all liquid sunshine, and for all those doubts and fears I had, at some point during my training programme I had experienced them to such an extent that I was no longer scared of them. Throughout the programme you gave me advice that built my confidence and resolve to get to the finish line. You coached me to finish knowing that training is just a small part of my life and I have a whole life with kids and work etc to manage. Your coaching is not just a physical programme but a programme that considers the whole person and their circumstances. I ended up having an inner confidence to have conquer stuff; in the end the whole race and lead up to it was the culmination of physical and mental endurance, determination and calm. Thanks!

  • "Not yet a World Champion"

    Di Chesmar

    Ray has been coaching me for a number of years now. Initially I approached him when, as a 50 year old, I started doing the women’s only triathlons. At the time I was training myself for a range of distances in the indoor rowing competition at the Wanganui Masters Games. Ray developed a training plan specifically for me incorporating swimming, running, cycling and indoor rowing. This took into consideration my family and work commitments. After a successful first year, I started to look at increasing distances, doing new and different events along with challenges outside my comfort zone. I love competing and do so to the best of my ability. I’ve achieved several “you must be kidding” events in the last two years, including twice finishing the Taupo Cycle Challenge Maxi Enduro (4 laps totalling 640km) and the one-off Graperide Mammoth (10 laps totalling 1010km). I’m not yet a World Champion, but I can say that by following Ray’s training programmes conscientiously over the years, I have always been at every intended start line in the best possible condition. The minimal injuries/niggles I have needed to deal with along the way have never been as a result of my training programme. Recovery after events has generally been optimal with Ray’s training. Ray has a professional manner and I know that his feedback is genuine. It’s important to me that Ray keeps up-to-date with technology, because I train with it and need Ray to understand it. Having a coach is a two way relationship, heavily based on trust. I recommend Ray to any athlete who has goals they want to achieve. This could be a newbie who feels too embarrassed to tell anyone their goal for fear of being laughed at (aim for the sky), to a regular athlete wanting to get to the start line in better shape, target a better time, do something new. Di Chesmar 28 January 2015

  • "First Timer"

    Cindy Gordon

    As a first timer and relatively new to the sport of Triathlon, Ray and Andrea provided me with the expertise, advise and training plan to get me not only to the start line but also to the finish line for my first 1/2 ironman. Their input was invaluable and I would highly recommend all those first timers to consider seriously using the services of Qwik kiwi.

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